Dr. Raul M. Oyuela – Director of Museum of The Americas (Miami, USA)

“Lara’s whole aesthetic journey seems to be recomposed in the balanced composition and light chromatic effect of a visionary.”

“Yet this re-composition is merely temporary, for Lara Campiglia immediately begins again to explore the flashes, fluorescence, counterpoints and melodies which, originating from the secret realm of creativity, open onto ever new territories to which she is drawn by her vocation as an artist.”

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Fernando Lopez Lage – Director of Contemporary Art Foundation (Montevideo, Uruguay)

“A good appreciation of the landscape depends not only of the global identification of the scenery, but also the capacity to understand beyond the obvious, how the accidents were formed, if they are related to geographic, climatic or evolutionary patterns, from which the human being is also a protagonist. “

“Lara Campiglia organizes the painting, she assigns it a point of view, rescuing it and at the same time formulating reflections which will relate the human being, the painting and the environment.”

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